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Individual and Business Tax Preparation:

       - Current Year Returns

       - Historical Reviews

       - Catching up on previous years for which you have not filed

Financial Coaching (includes but is not limited to):
        - Monthly Cash Flow Planning
        - Planning for Debt Payment Acceleration
       - Retirement Planning
       - Planning for College Savings

       - Rental Property Accounting

Budgeting Implementation and Evaluation:
     Whether you are new to budgeting or have used a budget for ages Shannon can help!  Shannon will help you to understand how and where to budget your income.  If you have questions about your current budget or modifications that you would like to implement Shannon can provide you with feedback to help come to a reasonable conclusion.

Notary Services:

Shannon is compliant with the fee structure as defined  by the State of Florida. The below rates are per notarized certificate.

  • $10.00 - Acknowledgment
  • $10.00 - Oath/Affirmation
  • $10.00 - Vehicle Identification Number
  • $10.00 - Execute a Protest
  • $10.00 - Certifying the Contents of a Safe-Deposit Box
  • $10.00 - Attesting a Photocopy
  • $30.00  - Solemnizing a Marriage
  • Travel Fees – Up to 5 Miles: $15; every additional mile $2
  • After Hours Fee  - $15

Process Evaluation:
     Evaluate accounting or finance processes and provide an Evaluation Report

Fraud Potential Evaluation:

     Examine where there is potential for Fraud to take place

Financial Seminars and Presentations:
     We provide presentations to either introduce adolescents to accounting and finance or provide a forum for a more in-depth understanding of Accounting and Finance.

Seminars and Presentations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Collaborative presentations including myself as well as a Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Estate Planning Lawyer, Mortgage Professional, Property Management Professional
  • Budgeting
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Accounting for Rental Properties

Financial Analysis:
     We have a review service for the analysis' your business has in place.  We also offer additional analytic procedures that will help your business.